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Following the contractual confirmations with LEVEL1 ENTERTAINMENT (Distribution) and TRIOSCOPE/SONY (Animation Studio), LATINWE, the company co-owned by Sofia Vergara and Luis Balaguer, has joined the team as strategic partners and executive producers for the upcoming animated feature film of ZAMBO DENDÉ. This collaboration aims to dominate both the box office and visual aesthetics, promoting the franchise and aiming for multiple Academy Awards nominations.


The audiovisual products, including films and TV series, are tasked with bringing to life the adventures and exploits of our living legend of freedom. Two specific audiovisual lines will be developed: Feature Films and Series, all produced and developed to meet the quality standards demanded by international markets. Here are the developments and progress in this audiovisual chapter:

2023/ After several years of commercial journey through various film and audiovisual festivals, ZAMBO DENDÉ has signed representation and co-production agreements with American companies: LEVEL1 ENTERTAINMENT and TRIOSCOPE/SONY. Together, they are organizing a strategic commercial framework for the production of the first live-action feature film of ZAMBO DENDÉ, aiming to deliver the high quality and international standard seen in Hollywood audiovisual projects.


2021/ With the linear universe fully adjusted and conceptually aligned, the draft scriptwriting begins for an experimental feature film titled THE LEGEND OF ZAMBO DENDÉ. This project, with international production standards, will be multilingual (Spanish, English, Indigenous), blending the two parallel worlds (16th century and 21st century). It is poised for production at the strategic moment dictated by the roadmap of the universe.

2018/ Under the direction and audiovisual production of its creator, Nicolás Rodríguez, with over 90% of the content approved for the new piece to be finalized and only 10% remaining to be shot and completed with adjusted new material, a 2-minute demo has been advanced. This demo, fully completed by Colombian post-production talent, aims to showcase the quality of production the series will have once developed. The demo was presented at Comic-Con to an audience of over 5,000 ZAMBO fans, receiving great acclaim and fascination for its visual finish.

ZAMBO_TV Teaser Cover.jpg

2017/ After finalizing the pilot teaser/trailer, the conceptual and written development of the ZAMBO DENDÉ series begins. This includes planning for 3 seasons, each comprising 8 episodes of 60 minutes each. Capitalizing on the significant rise of Netflix and other digital platforms for series, this initiative aims to make an impact and connect with potential co-production interests from various digital content producers.

2016/ After obtaining the initial cuts of the material and racing against time to complete the short film, some challenges arose with recorded material and post-production processes. As a result, the decision was made to salvage a coherent and useful piece of audiovisual content. The available material was then used to create a Beta Teaser Trailer, produced entirely by Colombian talent. This trailer serves the dual purpose of gauging public impact and providing a visual pilot to showcase the Colombian hero's audiovisual universe.

2015/ In an effort to develop the audiovisual project with Colombian talent, 7GLAB, the company behind the project, joins forces in co-production with FOX TELECOLOMBIA. Supported by PROIMÁGENES and under the direction of Riccardo Gabrielli (known for EL CAPO, LA LECTORA, TIEMPO FINAL), they begin filming the experimental short film: THE PREDICTABLE NIGHT. Initially planned as a 7-minute format, this short film will showcase the hero's action during a night of slave liberation, exploring various elements of the fictional and fantasy universe.

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