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After several years of production and testing in both narrative and artistic direction, with varying editorial outcomes, the time has finally come to produce the official season of ZAMBO DENDÉ comics. To achieve this, the project has enlisted one of the most prominent artists in Latin American comics, the talented Carlos Granda from Colombia. Known for his international collaborations and his own works, he has become one of the top exponents of the ninth art on the global stage.


The comics are responsible for narrating the overarching story that impacts other products in our Latin hero's universe. Two types of universes were developed (Linear and Multiverse) with multiple timelines that explore different narrative moments and strategically connect to enhance our followers' experience with a non-linear, cross-reading approach. This confirms the narrative success of the ZAMBO DENDÉ comics universe. Below is a description of the developed universes and pieces [Titles with* you can download the comics]:

Chronological Universe*

2019_2023/ The linear universe of ZAMBO DENDÉ introduces the beginning of a saga with a comprehensive projection from start to finish. This narrative timeline is designed for all audiences, featuring artwork characteristic of contemporary comics, supported by warm and vibrant colors to create an entertaining, visually appealing, and special experience for readers of all ages. The goal is to inspire readers to revisit the story repeatedly. A unique aspect of this linear universe is the strategic blending of two centuries (the 16th and 21st centuries), generating an intriguing narrative traction between the Latin hero of the Conquest era and his modern counterpart, KAT.

In this trial season, the main characters of the parallel world of the 21st century and their connection to ZAMBO DENDÉ are introduced. We get an up-close look at our heroine Kat Hernandez, her father, her entrance to university, and most importantly, her rejection of inequality, demonstrated by her leadership in social causes. These actions start to cause some discomfort among influential individuals. This collection included over 10,000 editions of the comic book in black and white and 5,000 copies of the hardcover compilation.

Here are the editions that were developed:

Llibros publicidad 1.png
Llibros publicidad 1.png
Zambo-Crónicas_EL PROLEGÓMENO.jpg
Zambo #1.jpg
Llibros publicidad 0.png


2010_2018/ The Multiverses of ZAMBO DENDÉ were introduced as collections at various points within the narrative timeline, directly linked to the linear universe but set in the 16th century. This series of comics and graphic novels aims to delve deeper into themes, concepts, and adventures that are only subtly touched upon or not directly presented in the linear universe. These Multiverses are designed with a slightly more adult and "dark" drawing style, while still adhering to content parameters suitable for all audiences.

Here are the exclusive collections within the Multiverse format:

BETA Demo*

2010/This was the inaugural issue created and printed in 2010 by 7GLAB, with over 5,000 printed copies distributed. This piece aimed to introduce the concept of the story and gauge market interest in a fictional hero with Latin roots. In this short yet impactful narrative, the odyssey of a night of heroism is recounted from the perspective of the living legend of freedom, the great ZAMBO DENDÉ.


Collection One*

Zambo #0.jpg

2012/ This collection spans a significant moment in Azuk's life on his glorious path to becoming ZAMBO DENDÉ, a journey marked by intensified enmity with Don Antonio de Borbón and his lieutenant Marko McGloin, while also experiencing firsthand the devastating power of the pirate clan: Los Ducado. This series saw over 30,000 printed copies.

Zambo #1.jpg
Zambo #2.jpg
Zambo #3.jpg
Zambo #4.jpg
Llibros publicidad 0.png

MARVEL Artists_ Collection One*

2014/Following the success of Collection One in both print and digital formats, this experimental two-volume collection maintains the content of Collection One. However, it features invited contributions from two of the great Latin artists from DC and Marvel: Ariel Olivetti (Argentina) as cover artist and Ignacio Calero (Uruguay) handling the line and ink work. This is the collector's variant version. These editions were exclusively digital with no printed copies produced.


Collection Two _ YABONGA’s CHRONICLES*

2016/ This experimental two-volume collection is set in the period just before Azuk's birth, when his father, Prince Yabonga, is captured as a slave and taken to Hacienda La Encrucijada, owned by Don Antonio de Borbón. There, after a fight with Marko McGloin, he meets the woman who would become his wife and Azuk's mother, the beautiful Naitsie Naobi. These editions were exclusively digital with no printed copies produced. 

Collection Three _CHRONICLES*

2018/ This initial collection of five editorial-exclusive volumes, presented in self-contained novel format, spans various points in the narrative timeline to detail enriching moments that complement the linear universe and enhance the reader's overall experience.


Key scenarios include Azuk's adventures as a corsair, the hunt for the Blasphemers, ZAMBO DENDÉ's liberation adventures, and the genesis of everything (the creation of cosmic gods and their conflict with humanity). These editions were exclusively digital with no printed copies produced.

Zambo-Crónicas_EL PROLEGÓMENO.jpg
Zambo-Crónicas_RELATOS DE UN PALADÍN.jpg
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