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ZAMBO DENDÉ is an adventure and fantasy universe that, thanks to its concept and vision, allows for experimentation across various fields of production and post-production. Therefore, TRIOSCOPE/SONY, as an associate and producer of the audiovisual project, aims to develop a new animation technology specifically for the ZAMBO project. This innovation is intended to captivate audiences in theaters and impress judges at various audiovisual festivals worldwide. 


The animation products are responsible for bringing to life the animated adventures and exploits of our liberating hero during his childhood and adolescence as a first step. The goal is to develop both series and feature films under the quality standards demanded by international markets. Here are the developments and advancements in this animated audiovisual chapter:

2023/ After several years of commercial journey through various film festivals and audiovisual media, ZAMBO DENDÉ has signed representation and co-production agreements with American companies: LEVEL1 ENTERTAINMENT and TRIOSCOPE/SONY. Together, they are organizing a strategic commercial framework for the production of the first live-action feature film of ZAMBO DENDÉ, aiming to deliver the high quality and international standard seen in Hollywood audiovisual projects. However, following various strategic interventions and ideas, the decision was made to shift the audiovisual project into the animated scene, akin to SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE.


2019/ "ZAMBO DENDÉ: The Journey of Freedom" was completed at the end of 2016. However, the decision was made to hold off on its release until the entire universe was fully aligned. This medium-format short serves as a pilot introduction to the animated series, exploring Azuk's life as a child long before he became the Latin legend. The pilot delves into the new adventures awaiting the young hero.

2017/ The animation production and development process begins, alongside the production of the soundtrack for the audiovisual piece, with the Colombian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Colombian maestro Alejandro Ramírez Rojas.

2015/ Before starting the continuous production process, the co-production decided to first develop a small Teaser Trailer to gauge the audience's reaction to a traditional 2D animation created collaboratively between Colombians and Argentinians.

2014/ In pursuit of developing the audiovisual project with 100% Latin talent, 7GLAB, the company owning the Intellectual Property, and in co-production with the Argentine animation studio HOOKUP ANIMATION, are organizing a collaborative team between Colombia and Argentina. The goal is to initiate animation tests and develop the Pilot Teaser for the animated series.


2013/ The conceptual and creative development of the animated series for the ZAMBO DENDÉ universe begins. The series is designed to initially consist of 1 season with 8 episodes, each lasting 22 minutes. The animation style will follow an Ameri-manga approach, blending American and Japanese animation techniques to achieve a distinct international look. The story focuses on Azuk's adventures from childhood and the journey he must undergo to become the hero of the oppressed in the 16th century. It also delves into his struggle to defend humanity from the retaliation of cosmic gods.

*Final Shots / Visual Art

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*Characters / 2D Line

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