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 THE Latin HERO 

Who fights for equality!


¿What is


ZAMBO DENDÉ is a transmedia fictional project –for all ages, genders and cultures- created in Colombia. It wants to spread a freedom, brotherhood and equality message through the story of AZUK MACONNEN-KALEN (ZAMBO DENDÉ), son of a black slave and an indigenous Latin slave during the XVI century. Unexpectedly, Zambo undertakes an unprecedented journey, full of magic and mysticism, with the only goal of protecting the humankind from the gods’ tyranny.


ZAMBO DENDÉ aims to bring the first multi-ethnic hero to the international entertainment industry, thanks to the work of artists, creative and Latin producers, and also to represent the Latin American culture through its large mythology and oral tradition, all the way from Mexico to Argentina.


An objective,

The International Market.

ZAMBO DENDÉ is more than sketches, tests or one single amazing comic book. Our mission is to share a slot with the biggest cracks of our guild: Batman, Superman, Harry Potter and – why not- Star Wars itself. We want to prove ZAMBO DENDÉ has everything to become one of the greatest projects of the industry.


That is why the Universe of ZAMBO DENDÉ is built upon a trans-media content base that allows the users to live the experience in multiple platforms and, at the same time, to connect with the story and the world in a transversal way.


Cinema theatres, digital TV, video games, comic books, podcasts, music, merchandising and even theme parks are ready to welcome ZAMBO DENDÉ and its multi-platform Universe.


The Universe* 

When you get into the portal, you are literally time-travelling to a universe full of History, culture, Latin mythology, natural and exotic beauty, but you will also get to know the tyrants of those times; the pain and suffering of a condemned race. ZAMBO DENDÉ is a tribute to a race that never gave up. Next, you will find some art pieces made by Colombian and Latin talents that show a New World full of diversity, colour and mysticism.

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You will meet a hero, the life of a man who became a legend, a myth that turned into a deity: The one born from a forbidden mix between a black and an indigenous slave when the crossing of races and the dark-skinned color was considered a crime. This is the story behind AZUK MACONNEN-KALEN (ZAMBO DENDÉ) and his efforts to prove that, even though he was not the Chosen One, he didn’t belong to royalty or didn’t have the supernatural gifts of a demigod; he could accomplish what human reason thought would be impossible.


The Hero* 

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 ZAMBO 360° 

As a franchise, we have a responsibility with our fans and our users so they can live a 360° content experience through an integral multi-platform possibility.

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